Omegle was basically a text chat in which users randomly mixed to communicate like strangers. However, in the year 2010, Omegle began a video mode that features the text chat mode and brings strangers utilizing webcams and microphones which is still continuing. Video chat also has a built-in text window at the portal

The beta version of a new feature introduced by Omegle as the name Spy Mode was founded. In this particular feature of spy mode, users have two alternatives to being the “spy” and ask two strangers a questionnaire or discuss a question with another stranger.

As a spy, the user enters any question that the two strangers can answer or chat with and can view the chat as a third party without being able to add any other data to the conversation. The spy can stop at any time externally ending the conversation with the other two guests.

If a user chooses to discuss a particular issue, as in the normal text mode, that specific user will associate with a different stranger and can address the question modeled by the spy. To the point where the other stranger chooses to establish a connection separately and/or insist on a different question.

In the year, Omegle scored a special new feature to its streamline and video modes, the capability to insert “interest” tags. By combining interests, users can correlate with a stranger who has something in common at the online portal

A user can enter as various interests as they want if no convenient match is found, the user will be connected with a perfectly random stranger. Initially, adult content in the Omegle video space was entirely displayed managing image perception algorithms.

Recently, Omegle began implementing Captcha security actions to reduce the number of frauds on the official portal at However, this has been fitted with complaints that bots continue and misuse the official portal.